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Accessible Academic Activities are educational activities that support single switch technology. Students with physical disabilities and/or students who become overwhelmed by too much information (or choices) are good switch candidates. This webinar will review a variety of educational activities that provide curricular supports for switch users focusing on emergent literacy skills (specifically alphabet knowledge, letter writing, print knowledge, oral language, and phonological awareness).

In today’s diverse classrooms, teachers are searching for effective means to reach all of their students and ways to adapt instructional methods to accommodate all levels of learners; and the traditional method of teaching—exclusive whole-group instruction—provides teachers with little option for addressing diverse learning needs (Sammons 2010).  Guided Math is a model that offers all students opportunities to develop their mathematical skills; and shows teachers how to effectively utilize small-group instruction, manipulatives, Math Workshop and conferences to engage all learners in connecting mathematics to their own lives (Sammons 2010).  The book study facilitator, Tamara Smith-Moyler,can be contacted at  To learn how to enroll in the book study, watch the video below: 

This book study will provide both general education and special education teachers with a greater understanding of the challenges that special education students may face in the mathematics classroom and offer strategies to address the different needs, with the goal being providing standards-based mathematics instruction to all students.

Proloquo2Go logoBefuddled by Proloquo? Too many buttons to push? Presented by Suzanne Baur, Technology Resource Teacher (SECEP) on Nov. 2013. She discussed the basics of Proloquo2Go and demonstrated how to customize this communication app.

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